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Inset Kitchen Cabinets…Beaded Inset vs Plain Inset

Using inset kitchen cabinets. Hello kitchen cabinet shopper. If you have not read any of my other kitchen related hubs, please use my bio page to access other kitchen design tips. Kitchen design has been my lifelong passion. This particular article is about cabinet style options, specifically my absolute favorite; ‘inset’ or ‘beaded inset’ cabinets.

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Kitchen Design Tips…use an Independent Kitchen Designer

Kitchen showroom…don’t get started Don’t be a vulnerable walk-in For many homeowners, designing a new kitchen may be a first time/only time event. That lack of experience can translate into vulnerability in the world of big ticket, commission motivated product sales. Your kitchen designer is the most important non-product choice you make. This is essential

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Kitchen planning…with a counter depth refrigerator.

Freestanding vs counter depth refrigerators I’ve been a professional kitchen designer for a few decades now. I enjoy the challenge of creating the best possible kitchen (form & function) within whatever limitations I am dealing with. In fact, I’ll discard some plans that would be perfectly acceptable to many. When I plan a kitchen on paper

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